The Wait

They say
The build up
Is better than the moment
The anticipation
The wait
Like December
And Christmas Eve
The chase
Is better
Than the catch
And yet
At the end of my line
Is you
Worth every moment
Of the wait

Then And Now

Then, it was learning
A complicated path of confusion
And eventually, understanding
Who knew there were so many lessons to be taught
Who knew I was so lost and clueless

Now, it is love
A constant
A softness
A sigh of relief
At last, I am here
And love
It is you

I Am Only Words Now

I am only words now 
I do not have a body
My hands will never touch again
My eyes forever closed
But your eyes
They are open
You can read me
That is all
Read my words
Say them aloud
Feel me on your tongue 
Rewrite me
In your own words
Discard me
On scrap paper