Far Haiku

You are far from me 
But with closed eyes I see you 
As if you were here

I dream you are there
Beside me in quiet hours
The space is empty

Find me I’m alone
Reach for my hand in the dark
With closed eyes I see


July Haiku

Sun, bright and burning
Hot and airless summer nights 
Days of endless light

Blackbird’s early song
Young ones leaving their safe nests
Swifts swoop high above

A soft rose pink sky
Sit with me ’til the air cools
Feel the day fade out



We float 

In our own separate bubbles

Occasionally bumping into each other

Bouncing off one another

Sending us sideways 

In new directions

Guided by invisible forces

We float aimlessly

Until one day



The first few drops fall
We try to walk faster
But we won’t reach shelter in time
No coat, bare arms
The rain gets heavier
The whole sky opens
More rain falls at once than we thought possible
Our clothes cling to our bodies
Our hair drips
I feel the fresh water on my skin
And I let it soak me
It is liberating
I begin to smile
I turn to you
You’re smiling too
All we can do
Is surrender to the rain 
And it is glorious

Lilac, White, Green

In the shade of the woods
The air is damp and cool
Yet I can feel warmth breathing from the earth.
You walk out into a sea
Of lilac and white,
Collecting dark green leaves
Of wild garlic.
The scent is strong and a sign
Of Spring.
I keep my eyes peeled for deer –
We’ve seen them in these woods before
And will again if we stay quiet.
A patch of bluebells shakes gently as a blackbird flits between them,
Before flying up into the trees,
Shouting as it goes.
You walk towards me between white petals,
So proud of your handful of juicy green leaves.
The light dims a little
And I can smell a storm.
Lilac, white, green.
We leave it in peace
And make our way back to the car
Before the rain comes.

I Know How This Book Ends

On pulling a book from my shelf today,
Another fell with it.
(They are tightly packed, I have so many.)
It lay open on the floor,
Its inner organs exposed.
Without thinking too much about it,
I picked it up,
Looked at the cover,
And then glanced at the open pages.
It was a book I’d read before.
As I read the words offered to me
The scene began to unfold;
A love scene.
Passionate, hungry, physical.
A raw, undeniable love
Only found in books
And yet so very real.
The trouble is,
I know how this book ends.
Yet, I found an odd comfort in the knowledge that,
Once upon a time,
These two characters were in love,
And wanted to let each other know that.
I felt the weight of the story in my hands,
And the sincerity of their love.
Suddenly aware that I had walked in on their love-making,
And feeling strangely embarrassed,
I closed the book tight,
Slipped it back onto the shelf 
And left it well alone.