Lilac, White, Green

In the shade of the woods
The air is damp and cool
Yet I can feel warmth breathing from the earth.
You walk out into a sea
Of lilac and white,
Collecting dark green leaves
Of wild garlic.
The scent is strong and a sign
Of Spring.
I keep my eyes peeled for deer –
We’ve seen them in these woods before
And will again if we stay quiet.
A patch of bluebells shakes gently as a blackbird flits between them,
Before flying up into the trees,
Shouting as it goes.
You walk towards me between white petals,
So proud of your handful of juicy green leaves.
The light dims a little
And I can smell a storm.
Lilac, white, green.
We leave it in peace
And make our way back to the car
Before the rain comes.


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