The End

I witnessed somebody finish their book today.
I was sitting opposite her on the train.
She frowned with concentration as she read the final sentences,
Then closed the book very slowly and carefully.
She skimmed the words on the back cover,
Then flipped the book over to look at the front,
Holding the weight of the story in her hands;
The weight of the world she had left behind between the pages.
She placed the book down on the table in front of her,
Folded her arms,
And settled back into her seat.
I watched her sigh
And close her eyes for a few moments at a time
As she let her thoughts float back
To the story she’d just read.
The real world flying past the window –
The ever so ordinary world,
Though a little more extraordinary now, she thought
As the train carried her ever closer
To the end of the track.


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