Busy street;
Jostling each other,
Shoulder to shoulder
Like plants competing for light.
Like a school of fish,
Slipping and weaving anti-clockwise
Just below the surface of the water,
Moving as one body
To minimise the risk of being plucked
By a hungry beak
Or hungry jaws.
I hold your hand tighter,
Worried I’ll lose you in the crowd
And also become prey
To a creature much larger than myself.
Our hands are sweaty now,
From the heat and from walking quickly.
We turn a corner.
I know we are close
But all I can see are people.
I let you lead me
And just keep walking,
Barely conscious of what I’m doing.
We enter the museum foyer
And I remove my hat,
Sighing with the sudden sensation
Of being cool and still.
The stone of the walls and the floor
Breathe fresh cool air onto my skin.
I savour it with closed eyes
For just a moment
Until you kiss my forehead
And lead me into the building’s cavernous depths.


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