The Same

We are such strange creatures. 

We are all the same.
We all look a bit different, and we like different things,
But we’re the same.
We are all just humans: with elbows and knees and thumbs and belly buttons.
We all live on a different bit of rock 
On the same tiny planet.
And this tiny planet is hurtling through a space, the sheer size of which our tiny brains can’t even comprehend.
So it’s sort of a miracle we’re here at all, living a life.
This is all there is.
This is all we have to work with.

Yet a large chunk of us spend this life saying that if you live on a certain rock, you’re not allowed to live on another rock,
Or if you love a human with the same reproductive bits as you, you won’t be accepted,
Or if you believe in something that helps you understand your existence on this tiny planet and makes you feel, even for just a moment, significant and valued, you will be excluded if someone else doesn’t also believe in that thing.

See how silly it all sounds when you simplify it? 
Spend a little time putting things in perspective.
We inhabit a tiny space for a very short time.
Think carefully about how you want to spend that time
And how you’d like to be remembered by others
After your time is up.


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