I need to talk about why I love Louis CK’s television series, Louie, so much.

It’s reality, but like hyper-reality. How reality would be if it were more real. Like if you took a real scenario and put it in a box and studied it for a week and shook it up a few times and then presented it on a plate really interestingly.

This is a great example, and one of my favourite scenes:

I like the way sometimes scenes feel like a memory, but as if you’ve remembered it wrong. Then it enters the realms of being dream-like. Everything seems overall very normal but something tilts it to make it feel like a dream, and yet it’s so absurd that it’s believable, somehow.

I do believe that Louie CK is the funniest man in the world, so he is a big part of why this series is so funny, but it’s also filled with many other very funny great people who you sit and watch and wish they were a part of your own life and that maybe you could be friends. So many great characters. Like Pamela.

The humour makes me feel really good. It makes me laugh so much because it’s so cleverly funny, but it also fills me with this joy that I’ve only felt at the ends of films. It’s like eating something that’s delicious but also healthy, you can just feel the goodness of it.


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