Sock Infidelity

We’re a pair, you see.
He’s the right to my left,
Always by my side.
Separated in the wash,
We always find each other.
Spending our days and nights
Balled up together in a draw,
Wrapped up in each other
Until we’re picked again
To warm some feet.
He’s a real softy at heart,
Bless his cottons.

Oh, how I wish I was odd.
In this day and age,
It’s frowned upon,
But just once,
I’d like to lose her in the wash
And find someone new
To ball up with
And walk with all day.
I’ve had my eye on a pair
Of cute slipper socks,
Stripey and pink,
But they’re way out of my league.
Perhaps one day
I’ll be forgotten-
Left at the bottom
Of the laundry basket,
Or dropped on the landing.
Then I’ll have a few days peace.


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