Love In Us

When I woke 
From my heartbroken stupor;
Cheeks stained with tears,
Memories blotted out with ink,
I wondered why
I’d put myself through it.
Why love if all it does
Is end in pain?
Why fall into another’s arms
If they will surely drop you?
Why give them all of yourself
If they will not treaure you?
I thought about this
For a long time
And I thought about who I am
And what I may become,
And I realised
That without that love
I wouldn’t be this person.
It made me.
I wouldn’t change
What it did to my heart
And to the way I live.
I’ll tell you why we love:
Because it’s the only thing
We don’t have to learn.
We are born
With love in us,
And life is there
To let love live.


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