I have an idea for a film. It’s essentially a love story, although I’m not so sure what else happens. I just have a few songs in mind for the soundtrack, and the scenes these songs will accompany. I’ve been thinking about this for about a week. It’s not a very original film idea, but I don’t think that matters too much. Here are the musical snapshots I have in mind. I ask you please to listen to each song and travel on this musical journey with me:

  1. Patina by Why We Love

This song by Why We Love, a band who are officially my favourite music discovery of 2015,  will play over the opening title sequence. This song feels like something is about to start – it sounds like beginnings. I often listen to it while travelling by car or bus and it provides the soundtrack of the world moving past. I imagine scenes of the two characters in the film, who have not met yet, going about their separate lives. We get to know them – where they work and live and things – before we hear them speak.

2. I Will Dare by The Replacements

This song will accompany the couple’s third or fourth date. This isn’t first date music. This is day trip music – travelling by car or bus or train and laughing and feeling embarrassed but not caring too much. Perhaps doing tourist things in a city or going to the beach.

3. Hold You In My Arms by Ray Lamontagne

This song is for a quiet dinner date. Rich, warm colours. He can’t stop looking at her lips and thinking about kissing them. She knows this, and keeps biting her lip and playing with her hair. Then the couple will go home and make love for the first time. Blurred images, amber light. Perhaps this song is predictable, but I think that’s okay. Some songs are just meant for particular moments.

4. Coming Down by Anais Mitchell

Something bad has happened and she’s sitting alone, and later, drinking alone. He’s out with friends but he’s not having a good time. Your heart sinks a bit as you watch because you really want things to work out for these two.

5. So Far Around The Bend by The National

This song will play over the closing title sequence. It will be similar to the opening sequence, except in each scene, they’ll be together, not apart. Everything works out, of course, because this is my film and I like happy endings. This part will reflect all the good bits of the film and leave you feeling like they’ll continue once the credits end.





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