You Wrote Me A Letter

I recognised your writing.
C5 envelope, white.
Black biro, a little smudged.
It had been so long 
I couldn’t believe it was you,
But it was.
The letter itself in pencil, of course,
And frankly a mess to read.
Words rubbed out and crossed out
And rewritten.
I made sure I had time
And that I was comfortable,
Then I began.
I read the whole thing quickly
And then started again,
Taking my time.
It made me feel like I did
The last time I saw you,
Each sentence intensifying
The sinking feeling in my stomach.
Then I put it back in the envelope
So it couldn’t cause any more damage.


3 thoughts on “You Wrote Me A Letter

  1. This one is so moving to me. There was no greater pain than the day I realized my only letter from a lost love was gone. There’s a part of me still smoldering.

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