Poetry Read Aloud

You said you wanted to read to me.
I was tired, but you insisted.
You were excited like a child,
Having found this written gem.
I closed my eyes and let you read,
Though first you made me promise
I wouldn’t fall asleep.
I promised.
The words sounded familiar
Though I was hearing them
For the first time.
So comfortable on your tongue,
Sweet tasting and satisfying.
As you read,
I felt like I needed to be closer to you.
I opened my eyes and watched you Read the final few lines.
I realised you were sharing
What was inside your heart.
They were your words
Written by another.
You closed the book and let the words
Settle in the room,
Like a full concert hall
Quietening before the music starts.
The most wonderful thing about it
Was that we weren’t alone.

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