One night, I decided quietly
That I would love you forever.
I remember it clearly;
We were by the sea,
On the pier,
And it was very cold.
I buried myself in my coat,
Your arm around me.
We hardly spoke,
Only to point out details,
Or ask ordinary things.
But the sea,
It carried on forever,
And I felt myself
Carried on it.
I’ve never felt so weightless
And unreal.
Then, the rest of my life began,
Quietly altered.
Quietly, I’ll love you.


2 thoughts on “Quietly

  1. I really love this one. I remember a night all my own. That night I was hugged close and decided as you did that I’d love that girl forever. Though she’s gone. I still do. Dreaming that she’ll make her way back to me through poetry. I know better, but my heart doesn’t. Great poem, it took me back and made me look forward.

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