No To Love

I think, deep down,
I knew from the start
That loving you
Would be
My greatest mistake.
But why would you
Say no
To love?
You can’t say no
To love:
You don’t have a choice
In the matter.
Love just happens;
Like a sunrise,
Like rainfall.
Nobody warns you,
You have to find out
For yourself,
And by then,
It’s too late.
You’re too far gone.
You’re right inside it.
Love just happens,
And you have to let it.


2 thoughts on “No To Love

  1. Yes, it does. I remember my first love. I’m still in it. She probably doesn’t even know. Married and off into her life. Yet, I could always fall back into her eyes.

    • Love unrequited can be troublesome indeed, but try to focus on the feeling of love itself. It’s a warm feeling, and can make things seem brighter. Sometimes it can overwhelm you with joy. Cherish your love in all forms.

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