Here We Are

I watched you enter the room
With her.
She looked beautiful,
Of course.
You sat down and she leaned in close
Whispering something.
You smiled and lay your hand
Upon her knee
Like it was the most natural thing
In the world.
I shuffled in my seat,
Adjusting my dress awkwardly 
So it covered my knees.
I looked away from you
Even though I longed for our eyes
To meet.
I hoped you’d see me first
And try to catch my eye.
It was the first time I’d seen you
In three years.
I never thought we’d end up like this,
But here we are:
Time, thick and impossible to ignore
Lying between us, like a fallen tree.
Memories of us in bed
On Sunday mornings
Now feel like scenes from a film I watched
A very long time ago.
It was a beautiful film,
But the ending always makes me


One thought on “Here We Are

  1. This was a beautiful tragedy. One over which I fell into a memory that followed your lines. Oh that I know this pain. So nicely worded.

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