Forever Was Ours

I’m in love again.
I am loved.
It is good.
I feel safe
And bright,
But it’s not right.
It never will be.
Can I allow myself
To be loved
Without surrendering
I’ll be happy,
But it won’t overwhelm me.
I’m beginning to wonder
If time
Will ever be
A healer.
Perhaps a hundred men
Will love me
Before I give in
To my foolishness.
Perhaps you’ll love
A hundred other girls
Before you realise
It was me all along.
Please, learn to love me again.
Remember what it was like
Before we were just me
And you.
Remember when we were us,
And forever was ours for the taking.


3 thoughts on “Forever Was Ours

  1. Oh I really feel I’m the man who is too busy trying to get back to the us part. I like this quite a bit. Though I must admit I wish they were the words of the one I loved.

    • Thank you for reading and for your comment 🙂 sometimes transforming your emotions into fiction is the most therapeutic thing to do, and it helps you think. Treasure your heartbreak – horrible it may be, it will soon inspire new, beautiful things

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