Great Big Heart

  Last night, me and a friend went to listen to this guy, Jonathan Byrd, perform at a great little venue called Green Note in Camden, London. Ever since we stumbled across this guy last year in a little bar in Cochrane, AB, Canada, I’ve had his album ‘You Can’t Outrun The Radio’ on repeat. I never imagined I’d see him again, but when I saw he was playing in the UK, I just couldn’t miss him. Once again I was captivated by his melodies, his storytelling, and his corduroy Uniqlo shirts. And, of course, his great big heart.

His support act was a lady called Natalie Gelman. I hadn’t heard of her before and hadn’t heard any of her music. When she came on stage and played her first song, she struck me as one of those blonde, beautiful, angelic country singers with a heart of gold and dreams of the big city. However, as her set continued, I realised she was something a little bit different. Her songwriting is absolutely wonderful, and the expression and heart she filled her songs with marked her as somebody with a very special talent. She’s a unique gem who you simply must look, and listen, out for. Her vocal performance of ‘One Fine Day’ by Carole King, with which she ended her set, was absolutely unbelievable. I spoke to her afterwards and told her how great she was, and she signed an album for me. 

I had time to kill before my train this morning so I spent a long time wandering aimlessly around tiny sections of London. I sat on a bench near to Liverpool Street Station and let the sun warm me as I watched everyone go about their days. I almost felt like I was on holiday.


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