My Answer

I drove to the end of my street tonight and spent a long time trying to decide whether to turn left or right. It was a quiet night so I wasn’t holding anybody up. I got caught up in something irrational and superstitious. The idea that one way was good and the other way was bad had me frozen to the spot. It became very obvious and real to me that if I chose one way, something terrible would happen, but if I chose the other, my life would carry on as normal. I guess I make choices all the time but all of a sudden, these two options were apparent to me and I just didn’t know the right answer. I sat there for a long five minutes trying to predict the good direction. I thought about hindsight, and moments when I wondered ‘if I’d done something slightly different, this might never have happened.’ I could change my future with this choice, and I wasn’t prepared to have that much power tonight.

In the end, I turned left and everything was fine. You asked me why I’d taken so long. I said I was deciding what to wear. You told me I looked beautiful, and I realised you were my answer.

(That last bit is unnecessarily cheesy. Sorry.)


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