The Good Love Part

I found one of your letters today, still in the envelope, tucked inside the pages of a spiral-bound notebook. The notebook hadn’t been written in at all so your letter was like a lodger in a brand new empty house. It had been in there for a long time and was very flat indeed.
I read it sitting on my bed and it filled me with great emotion. It was a letter from the very beginning, when we were right in the good love part. You were so in love me with and I was so glad to hear you tell me. You looked forward to me, and I looked forward to you.
I didn’t feel sad to read these words. I felt overwhelmingly happy, and lucky. I felt lucky to have loved so intensely and completely. Who knows if I’ll ever feel that again. But when I read these words, it didn’t matter. I felt a vivid rush of joy. I felt at peace.
I put the letter back where I found it and carried on with my day.


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