Dappled sunlight rested like lace upon my hand. I watched it as it swayed a little and enjoyed the way I could change the pattern by moving my fingers across my skin.

The day slowly crept away from us as if we wouldn’t notice, but we did. It was all we could think about; the fact that the day would soon be over and that never again would it be today.

I laid my palm on your cheek and kept it there a little too long. You sighed then, so deeply that I thought you might never breathe again. I moved my hand away and looked across to the lake. The sinking sun flickered across the water’s movement and I wondered how cold it was in there.

‘Hey, look at me,’ you said, and I did, and then you told me you loved me. I believed you, and I felt it too but it was difficult to bask in it when the sun was going down so quickly. I imagined climbing into bed alone later that evening, the sheets cold on my naked body.

Then you got up and walked away, leaving me there with that cold expanse of water and the sun setting infinitely beside me.

It’s all fiction, of course it is, but that doesn’t make it any less true.


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