My Friend, Celia Imrie

I sat opposite Celia Imrie on the tube once. I didn’t notice her straight away. I saw the guy opposite me was smiling, and I looked to his right, and there she was. She was nicely dressed, but very normal-looking. She didn’t have an air of fame about her, as some do. She looked like she could be one of my mum’s friends. She was holding the programme for a Shakespeare play. I cannot remember which. Hamlet, perhaps. I wonder if she enjoyed it, and who she went with. I think our eyes met once or twice and I smiled. I didn’t want to disturb her. But inside I was grinning. 

I wonder what she’s up to right now. I wonder if she had a good day, and whether it was busy. Has she been to see any Shakespeare since then? I wonder if she remembers me. She never calls, or writes. But we’re obviously best buds now. Not many people can say they’ve ridden the tube with Celia Imrie.


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