The First Time

I remember the first time
I sang to you.
We were side by side
And I could feel you listening
As we lay in the dark.
The first time I kissed you is blurry
Because we were drunk,
But I learned a lot about you
That night.
The first time we made love
Is overshadowed by the times later
When we loved each other
And told each other how much
With our bodies.
I remember the first time
I cried in front of you.
We were on a pier
And it was cold.
The first time I told you I loved you
There was an amber light,
And a feeling of warmth
And urgency.
It was the first time
That someone had said it back.
The first time you lied to me
It confused me.
I just felt sad and hurt.
The first time I knew
It was nearly over
Was the first time I knew
What it was to be heartbroken.
The first time I woke up
Without you,
I closed my eyes again.
I’m still waiting for them to open.
I’m still waiting for the light.


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