In The Dark

We lay facing each other in the dark. We couldn’t see each other at all and we weren’t touching but we were comforted by the blanket of darkness and each other. Heavy and comforting, the darkness wrapped around our naked bodies and kept us warm.

How strange it is to feel the presence of another. A sensation, so sure and so strong, you can trace their outline in your mind and assure yourself they are there beside you and you are not alone in the darkness.

I could stand it no longer. I reached out and found your forehead, and then your cheek. Warm and relaxed, poised for sleep, your beautiful face in the dark. I stared into the darkness at the space where you lay beside me. I lit your face up in my mind; a rich, amber light and your smile. Bathed in light beside me, you are, in the warmth of the darkness.


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