Long Distance

I was walking tonight and it made me want to go travelling. Nowhere in particular. I just wanted to go somewhere. Somewhere I’d never been before. Somewhere I could get lost and feel nervous because it’ll be dark soon. Somewhere filled with brand new faces and different smells.

You weren’t there though. I’m travelling through this place but you’re not by my side. It’s just me. This has become a problem recently. You’re not by my side. You’re far away and increasingly, with each new morning, I’m another day away from you. You’re moving further away. There was a time when distance wouldn’t affect my heart. The love remained. It filled the gap between us. But now, I fear the gap is too wide.

I lay here now and my thoughts are not of you. It’s like a change has occurred within me. You’re part of a past; a time gone by. You’re out of reach in a place too far away. You don’t feature in my future. You’re not by my side. But, my dear, I must thank you. You have brought me here. You are a part of me now. You will travel with me while we travel alone. You won’t be by my side, but you’ll be inside. Always.


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