More Thoughts On Dreams

Slinking back into reality with open eyes, and the realisation that it was just a dream, I felt foolish for allowing myself to feel so happy.

I’ve felt strange all day because last night, you kissed me and welcomed me back into your arms, yet on waking, nothing had changed.

This rush overcame me. It was disbelief at the fact that you wanted to love me again. My love, that had remained unrequited for so long, at last had company.

But with open eyes, dreams shatter.
There is always a moment in the dream when you realise that what is happening is too good to be true. Then, the spell is broken, and you slip back to consciousness.

But we must continue to dream. We must explore those regions of our consciousness which we fear the most, or which we wish the most to be true.

Every night, our own minds allow us to escape from reality and explore new worlds; to feel new things. We can reunite with those we miss; with those who have left us. In dreams, we can be anything. What a beautiful thing it is, to dream.


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