Boxing Day

I’m putting things in boxes.
I’ll keep them safe for later.
Beautiful gifts from friends and family.
Leftover food we’ll eat tomorrow.
The crackers we forgot to pull.
The cards I never got around to writing.
The photographs we showed the family.
My memories of these warm, happy days.

There’s one box I am yet to fill,
Though I know I must.
But this box I will not be keeping.
This box I’ll send away.
I must put you in this box
And the love, for you, I feel.
I need to place it in carefully
And make sure it’s secure.
I know it will be safe and warm
Once it begins its new life.
It will grow to become something new and beautiful.
It will be free.
But there’s something holding me back.
I can’t seem to let this love go.
I don’t want to place a lid on this love
And leave it in the dark.
I’m waiting for a sign, an inspiration.
The penny needs to drop.

Until then, I sit here,
An empty box.
And a heart filled with love,


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