A Letter, Much Like Those I Have Written In The Past

Dear You,

It’s 18:07 in the evening, I’m sitting at my desk and I miss you. I can hardly believe you were here with me this morning. It feels like a week ago. And yet I can still smell your scent in the air and on my clothes. This brings me great comfort.
It doesn’t feel natural to be alone again. I’d been so used to having you beside me. I keep turning to talk to you and you’re not there. I can still feel your presence beside me, it’s an undeniable presence. It feels natural to have you with me all the time.
I loved you more than ever the other night, when we went for dinner. You look so good in red. The food was delicious. You’re delicious. I sat there and I was both comforted and humbled by the fact that I can call you mine.
Loving you simultaneously fills me with joy and fear. I worry about the feelings I have for you. I feel lucky to have this love, but I feel terrified that at any moment, I could lose it. I’m so sure of the way I feel, but I worry about how life might suddenly disallow my love to flourish. I have shed many a tear over this. But I think this just makes me stronger, and confirms my passion. Love is a terrifying thing. But I am happy to have you there beside me to keep me safe.

Please tell me about your day.
I look forward to reading your words.


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