On The Driveway

Every night,
He pulls up in his car and waits
On the driveway.
Sitting in the driver’s seat,
Engine off, lights off,
Hidden in the dark.
He contemplates his life,
And what will happen
When he gets out of the car.
An indifferent wife;
Beautiful, stunningly so,
But tired.
Too tired for him.
She was once all his,
But now, she belongs to a different world.
Now he must share her.
A young son
Crying, regardless.
Unhappy to see him,
Unsettled by his presence.
A throaty screech,
Pierces him.
His temples throb
As he picks up his child,
Who scrambles away from him,
Claws at his arms,
Reaching for his mother.
He’ll eat alone.
Chewy, overcooked food
Left in the oven to keep warm.
She’ll put the baby to bed,
Then have an early night.
He will follow hours later,
But she will be long gone.
He will close his eyes.
Then the alarm will go off.

He knows one day he will not get out of the car.
But today is not that day.
Switch on your smile, Sir,
It’s time to go home.


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