I’m Out Of My Mind, Think You Can Wait?

I have these thoughts.
Awful thoughts,
Unspeakable thoughts.
I look ahead, into the darkness,
And keep walking.
I enter unknown depths.
I see those things which should never be seen.
I indulge in these images
And terrify myself.
Then I scrub them from my mind.

I prepare myself for the worst

I see you,
Behind a pane of glass
And yet you’re there
Beside me.
There is no glass.
There is nothing at all between us.
I feel nothing between us.

In the night, I wake
And think about leaving.
The fact that you are there,
Sleeping beside me
Does not enter my mind
Until I am too cold,
Too alone,
To have any thoughts at all.

I’m knotted up,
Bottled up.
Push me out to sea.
But wait for me.

I’m out of my mind.
Think you can wait?

(Title from ‘Think You Can Wait?’ By The National)


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