I Think Your Girlfriend Is A Hologram

Have you checked lately that your girlfriend
Has three dimensions?
Because I’m almost certain
She’s pencil-drawn.
She’s not something you ever see,
Except for on paper.
When you put your arm around her
And place a hand on her hip,
Does she buzz and click
Like an electrical current?
When you touch her face affectionately,
Does your hand slip right through her?
When you kiss her at night,
And roll over to sleep,
Do you worry when you wake,
She was simply a wonderful dream?
She doesn’t look like the girls
You see walking down the street.
She looks like those girls on billboards
That shine, alight with beauty.
Enhanced, untrue.
Did you buy her in a kit online
And assemble her on a Sunday afternoon
While watching the Formula One?
Or, more likely, the football?
You never did enjoy the Grand Prix.

I think your girlfriend is a hologram.
She’s not real to me.


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