“Look How Easy A Heart Can Catch On Fire”

I know it must be difficult
To read a girl’s heart.
It has no pages.
There are no guidelines.
There is no song book
To place upon a stand
And sit in front of a piano.
You can’t learn it like a song, or a poem.
You won’t find it in the family encyclopaedia.
But you can see it.
You can feel it.
You can know it,
If you just take a moment
To watch her mouth form into a smile
When you play her favourite song.
If you just take a moment,
To listen to her,
To her words,
To her breath,
To her very being.
To watch her as she moves.
To hold her as she sleeps.
To see her when she’s tired
And when she’s scared.
To feel her catch fire beneath your touch.
To set her alight.
Just take a moment,
To set that girl alight
With your bare hands.

(Title from ‘Swimmer’ by Amanda Shires)


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