Snow Globe

I wish sometimes
I could climb inside a snow globe.
There won’t be much to explore.
It’s only a small space.
I can’t get lost.
I’ll float in the thick, clear liquid,
Swimming up to the air bubble
To breathe, once in a while.
I’ll sit on the doorstep of the little cottage.
The windows painted a warm amber.
I’ll peer in but I can’t see anything.
I’ll try the door, but it’s locked.
It won’t be cold because
It’s only glitter
That falls from the sky.
Every now and then I’ll have to hold on tight,
When someone tips me upside-down,
Or gives me a shake.
Or maybe I’ll let myself go
And whirl around amongst a million flecks of glitter.

Safe in my bubble of glass.
Forever sparkling.


2 thoughts on “Snow Globe

    • Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it. And yes, you’re right, I am the same. I was just saying it in a literal way, really. I like the idea of actually being inside there and being safe in that little space.

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