And Then He Kissed Me

You sat next to me and I thought you might say something but you didn’t.
We sat in silence for five minutes which is a long time when nobody’s talking.
I know it was five minutes because I watched the clock tick along on the wall behind the bar.
I glanced over at you a couple of times.
You were fiddling with the napkin on the table.
You seemed poised to say something a few times.
I could feel the words forming in your mind, but before you could utter them,
They jumbled into confusion and disappeared in a blur.
I watched a lady sitting at the table next to us put her hair in a ponytail.
Then she got out a pen and a notebook and started writing a list.
A ‘to do’ list, I should think.
She looked organised.
Then you turned to me, cupped my face with your hand, and kissed me.
It was a gentle kiss; soft and light.
I closed my eyes and breathed you in.
I thought about the first time we did this and how different it felt now.
You were speaking to me.
I heard your words in your kiss.
I felt your words in your lips.
You sat back and looked at me,
And said the rest with your eyes.
You looked at me, then,
And I knew we’d be okay.


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