Married Men

One of the shop’s regulars came in yesterday for her almost daily shop and chat. She lives alone and doesn’t get to talk to many people, it seems. But once she’s in the shop, she will talk to anybody and everybody.
Two fellas, who are quite a lot older than me and a fair amount younger than her, came up to the till while she was packing away her shopping. She told one of them how much she liked his ponytail. She liked to see long hair on a man. He ignored her and asked for some cigarettes.
Once they’d gone, she leaned her elbows on the till and said ‘So which one of those did you prefer?’ Her eyes lit up like an excited teenager and I could see she was illuminated by nostalgia and youth. I told her they were quite a bit older than me and I couldn’t really say, but she wasn’t really listening. She started talking about how when she was my age, she used to attract married men. ‘Watch out for those married men,’ she said, ‘they’re only after one thing.’
She went back to her lonely home and I felt honoured to have been allowed into her memories, even for just a few minutes.

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