Today I went to the Science Museum to see an exhibition. On the way there, I thought I had made a terrible mistake. There were kids everywhere and I remembered it was the school holidays. I thought it was going to be a horribly crowded experience. But it was okay. I had to pay for the exhibition and it was in a quiet, air-conditioned space. It was bliss. I took my time to read everything and it was wonderfully peaceful. The exhibition was by Joan Fontcuberta and was about how we automatically think something is true if we read it in a museum and there are facts. He played with this idea and basically made up some animals and plants and displayed them in a scientific, convincing way. It was very clever, and sinister at times. He spliced different stuffed animals together. There was a monkey with wings and a horn like a unicorn.
On the way home a man stood by the ventilation window on the tube and as the train moved, his shirt filled with air. He looked inflatable.


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