Happy, But Ever So Tender

Come here, you look like you’re floating.
I’ll tie a string around your ankle and pull you gently back down to the ground.
Sit down here, feel the carpet beneath your bare feet.
Scrunch it between your toes.
I’ll lay my hand on the seat beside you,
Just in case you need to hold it.
Just in case you need to make sure
I’m still here.
You look as though you’re elsewhere.
Your eyes are glazed;
Unfocused, yet content.
My hands are cold, I think you’d like it if I were to touch your cheek.
Lay my hand flat on your forehead
Like a mother does with her poorly son.
But I’m worried that if I touch you,
You might dissolve.
Come and lie down,
Rest your head in my lap,
And let yourself go.
Let me feel you sink into sleep.
Like lying in a bath of thick liquid.
Unctuous, warm.
Happy, but ever so tender you are.
So let me tend to you.
Keep you safe,
And send you on your way,
To the glorious, weightlessness
Of slumber.

(With huge thanks to Mark, for staying up all night and wandering amongst those neon lights)

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