Flying Ant Day

As you all know, it’s flying ant day today. If you don’t, then you should. It’s a big day on the calendar. The day when all the winged queens take to the skies. It was a hot hot day today and they were out in their millions. They found their way into the garage somehow and bunched up in the corner of the door. There were clumps of them round the edge of the lawn and lots in amongst the pebbles by the wall. Swarms and swarms. They were all there together and running around like mad when the sun came out. We sat and watched them rise up one by one.
Some weren’t so lucky. Many died in the pool. Some managed to drag themselves out of the water onto the edge, but whether they survived, I don’t know. Of course, many also fell victim to the hungry beaks of birds. The swifts and swallows were going nuts and the sparrows were landing in all sorts of odd places to snaffle them up. There will be plenty smushed onto car number plates and caught in spiders’ webs. But that’s the way it is. The perils of the job.

Anyway. Ladies, I hope you all had a good nuptial flight, and made lots of babies and go on to have very successful new colonies. Girl power.


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