Remember I said I had a book arriving from America? Well it arrived a couple of weeks ago and it’s a book of short stories so I haven’t read it all but I’ve dipped in and out. The book is by Richard Brautigan and along with the collection of short stories, titled ‘Revenge of the Lawn’, it also includes two of his short novels. I will read it end to end once I’ve finished my current book, but when it arrived I just flicked to a page and read a bit. And then I read some more and some more. And I can honestly say his writing is some of the best I have ever read. I stumbled upon him so accidentally and now I’m in love. Tonight I just wanted to share the opening lines of one of many stories that I adore:

‘Women When They Put Their Clothes On In The Morning

It’s really a very beautiful exchange of values when women put their clothes on in the morning and she is brand-new and you’ve never seen her put her clothes on before.
You’ve been lovers and you’ve slept together and there’s nothing more you can do about that, so it’s time for her to put her clothes on.’

Simple and beautiful. The last line reads:
‘She’s got her clothes on, and the beginning is over.’


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