I’ll write you a story.

I’ll write you a story.
Tell me how you’d like it all to be.
Tell me your hopes, your dreams and your wishes,
I’ll bring them all to life.
Tell me your regrets.
I’ll rewrite the past,
So you can smile upon that moment
That made you weep.
We can erase it all together;
In your weakest moments, you will be strong.
In your darkest hour, there will be light.
We can brighten the shadows and dry up the rain.
We can do anything.
Tell me what you would like for dinner
And I’ll cook it for you with words.
Tell me who you love
And there they’ll be,
Kissing your cheek.
Whispering how beautiful you are.
Making promises they will keep.
Where is your favourite place, my sweet,
Near or far, we shall go.
We’ll be there in a moment.
We can see the whole world.
We can be whoever we want to be.
We can do it all.
Anything is possible, my friend,
If you just put pen to paper.


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