You don’t even have to try, baby.

Hey, honey, go put on your suit.
We’re goin’ out.
No, not someplace fancy.
Someplace not fancy at all.
Someplace unfancy.
I wanna see you in your suit.
I wanna wear my best dress.
I wanna sit here with you and I wanna talk.
I wanna talk about our day and I wanna talk about the future.
I wanna talk about all the things that no one else would ever wanna listen to.
I wanna ask you questions.
I want you to tell me all the answers, baby.
I wanna.
I just wanna, baby.

Hey, honey, it’s a beautiful evening.
Put on your dress and bring something warm.
Bring something warm tonight, baby.
I don’t want you to be cold.
Wear your best dress,
And tell me all about your day.
Tell me you’d rather be no place else than right here with me, baby.
Tell me you’re having the best night.
Tell me I’m yours, baby.
Cuz I ain’t goin’ no place else.
Tell me it’s our night baby.
Hey, honey, you’re comin’ home with me.
Go put on your best dress, baby.
And tell me this is our night.
This is our night, baby.
And I wouldn’t wanna be no place else.


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