Wrong Jumper

It’s warming up at work now that summer’s arrived and we’re having to take our fleeces off. At the weekend, my friend and I both put our fleeces in a pile behind the till. When my shift finished and I grabbed my fleece, my friend asked if I’d checked that I had the right fleece and I said yes, I had. This suddenly took me back in time, reminding me of summer days at primary school in the playground. It got too hot and you had to take your jumper or cardigan off and they were all strewn all over the place and they all looked the same. You’d take a jumper or cardigan home and you’d realise it didn’t feel right or didn’t smell right (every family has their own smell). You’d look at the name tag and realise you’d brought home someone else’s jumper or cardigan. Then the next day there’d be that awkward moment of returning the jumper or cardigan to its rightful owner and hunting for your own.


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