Someone Else’s Picture

Dear Boy,
My friend has a picture of her and her boyfriend on her fridge. They’re having a picnic in a park in London. I’d never really had a proper look at it before, but I did today and realized that you’re in the background. My friend and her boyfriend are sitting on a picnic blanket, smiling up at the camera, and there you are, walking across the frame behind them. I mean, what are the chances? How funny it is that you were both in the same place at the same moment and you never even knew it. Moments like this just make you realize what a tiny place the world really is. The thought of it is rather dizzying, and comforting all at once. Thing is, in the picture, you’re holding another girl’s hand. I asked my friend when the picture was taken and she said two years ago, almost to the day. We’ve been together three years. I’d like to know who she is please.


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