Dinner in Paris

It was around this time last year. I remember walking around for a while deciding on a place to eat. Or perhaps we found the place online first, I can’t remember. But I remember the sun still being warm and bright, the pavements emanating the armfuls of heat they’d collected throughout the day. We decided on a Thai restaurant. It was empty when we first got there – perhaps one other person was in there, seated alone and reading. It was a tiny place, like sitting in someone’s living room. We ordered a three course set meal and it was all absolutely delicious. Lovely soups and sticky rice. White wine. Or did we drink beer? As the evening went on, the place filled up and up and up and we realised that this was the place to be. Also, I think Parisians probably eat later in the evening than us. I remember the seats being warm. The evening sun shining in through the window, finding its way between the buildings. Stepping outside later and feeling the cooler air, untouched by sunlight. The smell of the day still lingering on the streets.
I’ve thought about that place a lot today for some reason. Perhaps it’s the weather. Holly day memreez.


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