“It’s got to be lonely to be so free.”

That’s my favourite line in this song, sung by a Mr Jonathan Byrd. I saw him play at Legacy Guitar & Coffee House in Cochrane, AB, Canada last month. We booked tickets just for something different to do for the evening, so I didn’t know anything about him or his music. He came on with an acoustic guitar, an electric on a stand behind him, and two female backing vocalists.
Then for the next couple of hours, I was absolutely captivated. He has such a wonderful voice. His songs are fantastic, melodically and lyrically speaking. I found I was grinning to myself quite frequently throughout the show. And in the bits in between when he spoke to the audience and introduced songs, you could tell he was a very lovely, funny man. It was such a great night. I got to meet him and talk to him at half time, and he signed an album (You Can’t Outrun The Radio) for me which was great. I can’t stop listening to it!
It was such a good night. The venue is great too – by day, a cafe/guitar shop and by night, a music venue with a bar. Perfect! A small, intimate gig, my favourite kind. I urge you to listen to this man. Even if you don’t really like country music, I bet he’s done a song that you’ll like.


Jonathan Byrd – Wild Ponies (live)

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