One Day

I’ve just finished reading One Day by David Nicholls. It’s the first novel I’ve actually got to the end of in a good number of months, so I’m feeling very good about myself because of that. I’m also feeling very good because it was an absolutely fantastic book. I don’t want to say too much about it because I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but it really was captivating. A proper page-turner. I couldn’t put it down. And I mean it! I found myself thinking about it when I was out and about. It was so nice to get stuck into a good book again. It was an unconventional romcom, often laugh-out-loud funny, but had more to it than just boy/girl love stuff. I haven’t seen the film, I wanted to read the book first. But I do look forward to watching it. I feel like I’ve given this book a very unoriginal, glib review, but I just wanted to express how much I enjoyed it.

Also, Mum and I watched Captain Phillips last night and that was also incredible. Gripping, tense. Over two hours long but it didn’t feel like it. So good. Madness to think it’s based on a true story too. Top marks to Tom Hanks, what a performance.
Good books, good films, good stuff.

Gosh I’m still thinking about the characters of One Day. I’m gonna miss them.


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