Two wonderful weeks of lakes and peaks

I’ve been a bit quiet on here lately, and that’s because I’ve been here:


For the first week we stayed in that little hut with the green roof, just outside Cochrane, Alberta, Canada. When we first arrived, the mountains were completely veiled in cloud and therefore invisible. The next day was completely clear and we went for a nice early morning walk. We got to the top of the hill and there they were, as if they’d deliberately kept themselves a surprise for us.
We also went here:


Beautiful Canmore. One of many little wooden towns nestled amongst The Rockies. I know it’s silly but I find it mad to think that people actually live in these places. People pop out for a pint of milk and buy socks and come home from work to this place. I like this picture because the street looks quite grey but the mountains above are catching the sunlight and seem to be glowing in their magnificence.
From here we walked up to here:
And then to here:
Grassi Lakes. Such wonderfully clear water!
We also went here:Image
Drumheller. We drove for two hours along one straight road, across what are known as the ‘Badlands of Alberta’. And then we got to this little town in the middle of, basically, a desert. It was so hot and dry and there was a dinosaur museum. A very strange, hot mysterious place.
For the next week we did some travelling about. We stayed a night in Banff, and this was the view from our balcony:
It was damp and rainy but it wasn’t miserable. Mountains are still beautiful when they’re cloaked in cloud and drizzle.
We then went here:
On our way to Jasper. From desert to drizzle to frozen winter wonderland. The temperature dropped significantly and the air was fresh and delicious.
We stopped here:
The view from the glass-bottomed Glacier Skywalk in Jasper National Park. Again, it was a cloudy day but it was still stunning. We drove past it on our way back and it was a lot clearer, so we had a completely different view. It’s incredible how the mountains never look the same.
So then the next day we saw this guy:Image
Big Daddy elk. Just snufflin’ about in the grass by the road. Amazing creature. Then we saw this guy:
Again, just eating grass, not a care in the world. He was just so beautiful. And then within ten minutes we saw another bear, a brown black bear this time. I’m pretty sure it was too small to be a grizzly. This brown/black bear business is very confusing but I think I understand it now. Anyway, in total we saw four black bears that day. I felt incredibly lucky. It was like driving through a real-life safari park. Apparently some native Canadians have never seen a bear, and yet we saw four in one day. Amazing. Incredible. Unbelievable.
Then we went here:
Back to the frozen wonderland. Lake Louise. Our friend who we were visiting was very excited about taking us here. ‘Wait until you see the mountains, and how clear the water is!’ And yet to her surprise, it was frozen! But the sun was out and it was still absolutely beautiful. Bright and fresh and clean. Magnificent.
And then finally, we came here:
Forgetmenot Pond. So beautiful. Peaceful, clear, bright. Icy, transparent glacier water. A mirror-image of the mountains. We sat for half an hour or so and just enjoyed the peace and the sunshine. My favourite place of the trip, I think.

This is just a snippet of what we got up to during these two weeks. We packed so much in! It’s difficult to describe it all, really, but the images make it a lot easier. But I had the most incredible time, and spent it with three of my favourite people.


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