I think Brad Pitt grew into his looks


This is a picture of Brad Pitt in high school, age 14. He looks like a girl. Look at his legs. Look at his hair. He has perfect teeth, though, and you can just tell he’s going to grow up to be a beauty.
He looks like any normal kid in this picture, and yet this kid, ironically part of a team named the ‘Rejects’, grew up to be a superstar. I wonder where the guy to his right in the picture is now. Are him and Brad still friends? Were they ever friends?
Brad’s 50 now and there are lots of new kids on the block, but he’s pretty much still the most famous hottie in the world. He’s so hot, he’s become a cliché. He’s the cliché hot guy. But you just can’t deny how attractive he is. Plus, he’s not all about the face. He’s a truly wonderful actor, and has been in some really great films.

But I mean look at him. How the…I mean srsly…wow.

So this post is just a little homage to a beautiful man, and a celebration of his loveliness.
Brad, if you’re reading this: you are a beautiful, beautiful man. And you were a very beautiful girl when you were younger.


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