Friday MyDay

I’m trying to use my days off as productively as possible. I like to try and achieve something, even if it’s only something little. I must admit, my idea of an achievement may differ from other people’s. I count cooking a meal for three people, or hanging up all my washed clothes in my wardrobe as achievements. Even trying to write a post in this blog every day is something to aim for. I just think, while it’s nice to do nothing at all some days, I always feel better if I’ve done something, even if it’s only small.
This morning, I went to the gym. Just getting there was an achievement because I wasn’t going to go originally. I was just going to stay at home and do exercise. But I thought if I stayed at home, it was much easier to decide to not do anything. If I actually left the house and went to the gym, I had no choice but to do it (plus, I would look very strange standing around doing nothing).So I got there, and I worked really really hard, and I was very proud of myself. I was absolutely exhausted afterwards and I felt like I had pushed myself, which felt good. Cannot beat the feeling of having a shower and putting clean clothes on afterwards.
That should have energized me but I’d worked so hard I felt pretty pooped. Then in the afternoon I had a driving lesson. I’ve only had 3 lessons but I’m starting to feel very comfortable driving a car, which makes me very happy, and is a big relief. I was so worried I would be terrified and hate it, but I don’t. I do get nervous and I still have a heck of a lot to learn, but I’m eager to get better. I’m enjoying learning a new skill. I’m at the stage where I feel like I’ll never learn it all, but I know I will. I felt the same when I started working in the shop, but now I do it all without even thinking about it. I’m feeling confident in myself.

This is a very boring post.
But it is also a nice little achievement to round off a good day.
I will sleep well tonight.
Then tomorrow, maybe I’ll learn to juggle.


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