I’d like to go back


I’d like to go back to Paris. I like the busy traffic and the quiet streets. I like the cafes and bars that spill out onto the pavement. I like it when it gets so hot that you can hardly move. I like cold peach iced tea from a can. I like the higgledypiggledy buildings. I like the views.

I like the lights and the energy of the night. I wish we’d got more lost. I wish we’d spent more time just wandering through the night with beer-blurred eyes, in between all those lights.

I’d like to go back to St Ives before there were too many surf shops. I like the morning tiger bap run. I like the smell of bakeries on every street. I like all of those steps. I like Halloween night. I like the harbour when it’s sleepy and deserted.

I’d like to go back to St Wolfgang. I like the shuttered windows. I like the colour of the water. Image

I like the bunting on the boat. Image

I like the light lunches and the big evening meals. I like the storms rumbling through the mountains. I like all the flowers in pots.Image

I like the music and the wine in the square in the evening. I like feeling so relaxed.

I’d like to go back to the moment when I took this picture:

And the moments after someone took this picture of me:Image
I’d like to go back in time.


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